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    1-underground Download

    Bootleg - live at Clipa Theater

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    2-fight_or_flight Download

    Bootleg - live at Clipa Theater

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    3-agoraphobia Download

    Bootleg - live at Clipa Theater

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    4-i_saw_my_lady_weep Download

    Bootleg - live at Clipa Theater

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    5-nighthawks Download

    Bootleg - live at Clipa Theater


Panic's First show ever, at Clipa theater festival in 2007.

At that time we had no name and were not a band, just a couple of musicians playing together for the first time in a festival.

Since we enjoyed the show so much, and had wondeful time at the Shsek pub afterwards, we decided to continue with this collaboration, which has finaly became Panic Ensemble.

The live show was recorded and filmed, and uploaded to a net label - birdsong.co.il, it can still be found there

You can watch the full show, which included a dance improvisation at those links:




I saw my lady weep

Nighthawks part 1

Nighthawks part 2

This is what was written about us:

"A live show by Panic Ensemble at Clipa Theatre. an experimental approach to pieces which could be defined as classic, contemporary and even folk. The electronic elements and female vocals woven together with classical instruments such as a viola, accordion and tabla, form together imaginary structures in space, giving the album its unique ambient texture.
Roy Yarkoni is the co founder of the bands Ahvak and Thin Lips and amongst his many collaborations you can find artists such as Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess), Avi Belleli and Maya Dunietz.

Yael Kraus - vocals
Roy Yarkoni - sampler and piano
Galia Hay - viola
Ishay sommer - bass
Erez Kariel - guitar
Boris Martzinovsky - accordion
Dirk Kunesch - trumpet
Yatsiv Caspi - percussion"