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    Panic Ensemble Live at Ozen Bar 12/12/2008 Download

    Bootleg - Live at ozen bar 12/12/2008


Some notes about the show:

First song was written by Yehu Yaron and composed by Roy Yarkoni at the time we thought it would be nice to make music in Hebrew. We still think it is nice but we have Finlay decided to focus on Karen Alkalay Gut's lyrics, which are written in English. Hebrew translation never sound the same.

few songs played here are not performed anymore on our shows:  Love Soup and What do we owe each other.

On the encore we played a new song, which is the only song here from our new album - "Flying"

After this show we stopped performing for a long period and got into rehearsing for new songs, what has become finally the " A Different Story" CD.

Sound engineer of the show and this recording in our regular sound man - Yaron Sarel,

Thanks Yaron.


1. כמה רגעים שקטים (יהוא ירון/רועי ירקוני)

2. fear (professional literature/R. Yarkoni)

3. What do we owe each other (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

4. Obsessions (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

5. Spring In Your Heart (KrausGoldanskyFeldmanYarkoni/Yarkoni)

6. Love Soup (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

7. The Closer You Get (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

8. Boo (Yael Kraus)

9. The Oldest Woman (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

10. On This Night (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

11. Thoughts (professional literature/R. Yarkoni)


12. Flying (K. Alkalay Gut/R. Yarkoni)

13. Jewish Women